The Cappadocia region is the most beautiful place where nature and history integrated in the world. While geographical events created the Fairy Chimneys, in the historical process, people also carved houses and churches to these Fairy Chimneys and adorned them with frescoes, carried the traces of thousands of years old civilizations to present.
You will understand from the first day that you came here that Cappadocia is a completely different place that promises its own unique world by melting art, culture, sports, entertainment and romance in the same pot with its nature, history and legends. You have such a mystical feeling that it is a unique geography where you can discover yourself besides many things. Obviously words are not enough to tell you about this extraordinary place. If you still did not visit the place, you have to go and see with your own eyes.

Cappadocia Balloon Tour
The Cappadocia balloon tour will probably be one of the most beautiful adventures you have ever had in your life. You will hear the fairy tale of the country of beautiful horses from the wind. If you want to celebrate a special day, if you are going to make a romantic marriage proposal or if you want to have a different special moment for yourself, freedom in Cappadocia, a balloon tour awaits you.

In Cappadocia, balloon companies take the passengers from their place early in the morning and have breakfast with their guests. While the guests are having breakfast, the balloon is slowly inflated and made ready for flight, and the pilots are giving informed about flight safety. Then you are riding in the balloon basket and you are in the sky! The balloons, which are dream vehicles without a steering wheel, listen to the wind and determine its route accordingly. So each flight is different from the other, each route is independent. The altitudes that we can say, ‘Do not compare with airplanes, compare with the wind’, vary between 1000 and 1500 feet, in other words balloons can reach up to 900 meters. For an hour and a half, you are taking photos of your memories in the most beautiful places of your mind, as the valleys meet the sun rays, the waves spread, and your heart beat accelerates when you see the fairy chimneys below, the valleys spread out on the slopes.

The unique geography of Cappadocia has been formed 10 million years ago as a result of the eruption of many other active volcanoes together with Erciyes Mountain, Hasan Mountain and Güllü Mountain, which were active volcanoes in geological periods

In fact, human life in Cappadocia extends as far as the Paleolithic period. People used these natural formations as places of surveillance and shelter in ancient times, and worshiped in them as churches during the Christian spreading period and used them as graves during Roman times.
Within the borders of Cappadocia there are nearly 150 underground settlements, but only 36 subterranean settlements are small enough to accommodate 2-5 families.

History of the Goreme Museum
The Goreme Open-Air Museum was a rock settlement site that housed the monastery’s life intensively from 4th century to 13th century.

The area which forms a valley, churches, chapels, dining halls and living spaces are carved in the rock blocks.
Goreme Valley is considered as the place where the monastery education system is started, and the same education system was seen later on in Soganli, Ihlara and Açıksaray.
While the geometric ornamentations used in the early periods of Christianity in churches can be seen in the first layers of paint unearthed, the frescoes made in later dates are in the Bible and Hz. The scenes of Jesus’ life are described.
While the geometric ornaments used in early Christian churches can be seen in the first layers of paint uncovered, the frescoes made later on describe the stages of the life of the Bible and Jesus.

What to do in Cappadocia
1- Horse Riding in Cappadocia
2- Cappadocia Balloon Tour
3- ATV Tours in Cappadocia
4- Pottery Making in Cappadocia
5- Wine Tasting Experience in Cappadocia
6- Valley Tours in Cappadocia
7- Visiting Cappadocia Underground Cities

Bonus: Marriage Proposal in the Balloon

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