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Full Day Ephesus Tour

Ephesus was inhabited from the end of the Bronze Age, but the location of the city was changed owing to the silting up process of the river Cayster and because of various rulers. The ancient city that we visit today is the 3rd location of Ephesus from the 3rd C BC.

1 Day

Full Day Pamukkale Tour from Kusadasi

Pamukkale is a very rich region in terms of thermal water. Pamukkale has already been used as a spa / health facility for 2300 years. In fact, the Hierapolis Ancient City immediately adjacent to it has an enormous influence as it was a rich and important city. People from different geographies came to find healing here or the wealthy bosses came to live here after retiring. It is now known that it is good for some dry and itchy skin diseases.

1 Day